Aug 23, 2022 • 22M

Are You Trying to Change to Quickly?

Just Slow Down and Take Smaller Steps

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Square Peg Round Hole™ with ​Timothy Eldred, writer, speaker, and friendly disrupter of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live and lead with authenticity in an artificial world.
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Most of the time, many people who are trying to make significant and lasting changes in their life do one major thing wrong—they go too far too fast. It's like quitting a habit cold turkey. You are either going to fail now or relapse later because you bit off more than you can chew.

Well, breaking free from the acceptance of others is even harder because of the emotional addictions we suffer from in life that keep us hooked on the praise and applause of people. And while we are busy living for the approval of others, we're dying a little bit inside.

The more we sacrifice our identity to gain acceptance, the less of us there is left. So how do you move ahead as your true, authentic self in a world that requires you to be someone you're not? Slowly. One step at a time is the recipe for finally being free to be you. Or just be.



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Timothy Eldred is a writer, speaker, and friendly disruptor of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live with authenticity. @timothyeldred.