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If words were worth $1...
If words were worth $1...
Here's a Question You Can't Afford to Ignore

We don’t think much about the value of $1. Why? Because it’s only $1. But when you start adding a few $1 bills together, then it feels like real money, right?

Well, the same is true for your time. When someone asks for a minute of your time, you don’t think much about it. Why? Because it’s only a minute after all.

How about your words? What value do we place on your words? Honestly, not as much as we should. That’s why we are often flippant with how we use them.

If your time, energy, attention, and words had a monetary value attached to them in a tangible way, you’d be more cautious with them. At least I know I would.

If it doesn’t bring you peace, profit, or purpose,
then don’t give it your time, energy, or attention.

Don’t gloss over this thought too quickly, my friend. It might be one of the most important ideas I’ve shared on my podcast that can impact your life.

If you can find 28 minutes to listen to this week’s episode of Square Peg Round you won’t be wasting it. I wouldn’t do that to you after what I just wrote.


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Timothy Eldred is a writer, speaker, and friendly disruptor of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live with authenticity. @timothyeldred.
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