Feb 3, 2022 • 45M

Guest: Monty Hipp | Part 2


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Square Peg Round Hole™ with ​Timothy Eldred, writer, speaker, and friendly disrupter of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live and lead with authenticity in an artificial world.



Have you ever said the phrase, “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but…”

I’m guessing the answer is yes. I’ve done it. Someone shared a confidence with me, and I told someone else. Were my intentions good…?

Doesn’t matter.

When you tell someone a confidence, do you know what they think? “I wonder when I’ll be next.” In their mind, you’re someone they can’t trust.

That’s the long and short of the issue. Regardless of your reasons for betraying someone’s trust, you’ve done your reputation the most damage.

I can hear the excuses. Why? Because I’ve made them to justify my poor decision, too. When I break trust to share a confidence, it’s all about me.

Betraying a confidence is the quickest way for you to lose someone’s trust. And it’s a big deal regardless of how you see it—or justify it. It will destroy your credibility.

Today on my podcast, I continue my conversation on trust with Monty Hipp. It’s a powerful discussion that can improve your life and leadership.

Listen as Monty unpacks 10 contributions to trustworthiness. Listen here or on your favorite platform. And please, share this episode with others. ⬛

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Timothy Eldred is a writer, speaker, and friendly disruptor of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live with authenticity. @timothyeldred