May 5, 2022 • 59M

You Can’t Change the People Around You

But You Can Change the People Around You | Episode 12 | Square Peg Round Hole

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Square Peg Round Hole™ with ​Timothy Eldred, writer, speaker, and friendly disrupter of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live and lead with authenticity in an artificial world.

I love this quote, “You can’t change the people around you, but you can change the people around you.” Now, that’s truth. Here’s another critical piece of information: The change you are seeking always starts with you. That’s not a news flash, but we sure fail to recall that reality, huh? This is especially true when we blame others, point fingers, criticize, and condemn those we consider the “opposition” per se. We each have the tendency to fall into that trap while we continue to remain trapped in our own misery (which is the only thing we have control over in the first place). Ironic, right?

On today’s episode of Square Peg Round Hole, I have an authentic conversation with Dai Manuel about this very topic. As he talks about his own story and struggles in life, we can learn from the missteps and mistakes he made along the way. There’s a lot of wisdom in our discussion. But don’t listen for a solution for others. Listen for yourself because that’s where transformation takes place—inside. You’re never too old to learn!


Timothy Eldred is a writer, speaker, and friendly disruptor of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live with authenticity. @timothyeldred