Apr 20, 2022 • 19M

You Can't Fix What You Won't Admit

Episode 11 | Square Peg Round Hole with Timothy Eldred

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Square Peg Round Hole™ with ​Timothy Eldred, writer, speaker, and friendly disrupter of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live and lead with authenticity in an artificial world.

My blog last week was incredibly popular. I’m grateful for the interest it received. Because of how well it was received, I decided to share the content in this week’s podcast as well. —T.

There's no one alive who doesn't carry baggage. Yes, even you. It might be the pain of the past that has followed you around for years—even decades. It could be current problems looming over you that seem impossible to shake. Baggage comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Baggage has different names and labels. Regardless, it's heavy. And it's a drag to drag around.

The question we all have to answer is how long until we let go of it? How long before we embrace it and own it? Because until we do, we can't unpack it and lighten our load. That's the topic I want to tackle—unpack—with you today in hopes it will help you become freer to be your true authentic self in this artificial world.

You'll hear me refer to my book, Alone Sucks, a couple of times in this episode. I'm pleased to know thousands of people have found comfort and wisdom in my words and story. I encourage you to order your copy here

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Timothy Eldred is a writer, speaker, and friendly disruptor of the status quo on a mission to end aloneness and help people live with authenticity. @timothyeldred